A Great Blend of Design Excellence and Professionalism



Stencil Bangladesh Limited, a Graphic Design company based in Bangladesh was established for the purpose of serving the international markets. As Bangladesh is renowned for its skilled workforce in various sectors, one of which is Graphic designing, the company has already established goodwill and expertise in this line of business in a very short span of time.

Stencil Bangladesh Limited is operated and maintained by Executives and manages with decades of hands on experience in the international markets along with a dedicated team of highly skilled studio operators. In the time span of our existence, we have already established good solid relationships with our partners in the United States, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. Subsequently, Stencil Bangladesh Limited has also become a member of the Bangladesh German Chamber of Commerce and Industries for further business growth.

At the forefront of Stencil Bangladesh Limited is Asiatic Marketing Communications Limited, which has been in business in Bangladesh since 1966. Asiatic is the local affiliate of WPP Company JWT, the 3rd largest network agency in the world. Since successfully doing business with JWT from 1996, it is now known as Asiatic JWT in Bangladesh.  

Asiatic 3Sixty serves a wide range of Multinational and Local clients which includes, but are not limited to big corporate brands i.e. HSBC, Nokia, Singapore Airlines, Mobil, UNICEF, USAID, LUX, Pepsi and Airtel. By working with these brands, the group has created a history of achievement, creativity and a professional approach towards their clients of which Stencil is also no different.