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Stencil Bangladesh Limited treats customers as partners who add value to our professional service, reliability and speed. Keeping that in mind we take the formidable tasks as a professional goal which brings out the best in us.

People Working Affordable Image Editing Company
People Working Affordable Image Editing Company
People Working Affordable Image Editing Company
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Need A Quotation For Color Correction Services

If you are looking for a quotation for your images, the team at Stencil Bangladesh Limited is always ready. One of the services we provide for our new as well as existing clients is accommodate all quotations within an hour. Just request a free quote now and get the price within one hour or even less, it is that simple. We guarantee that you will get the best competitive price for your images from Stencil Bangladesh Limited.
If you need a price quote of Color correction service from Stencil Bangladesh Limited, just click here and submit your inquiry to us with your requirements. We will get back to you within 2-4 hours with the competitive price quotation. Please note that Color Correction services prices are calculated keeping in mind, the quantity of the pictures, the required turnaround time as well as the level of complexity. The price quotes are also not static, meaning the more you order the lesser the price for each product becomes.

Discretion: Stencil Bangladesh Limited is known to our clientele specially for the amount of confidentiality it serves. The images provided are 100% secure with us in our servers which we return after completion. We have also been known in the industry to complete the tasks not involving any third parties so the work remains completely safe from inception to conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Color correction is the process of adjusting the color of an image. This can be done to correct for errors in the camera, to adjust the colors to match a specific style, or to fix a color cast. Color correction can be done in Photoshop, Lightroom, and other image editing software.

Color correction involves three main steps: first, identifying the problem; second, selecting the appropriate tool; and third, making the adjustment. To identify the problem, you need to look at the image and decide what is wrong with it. Is the overall color too blue or too yellow? Are there areas that are too dark or too light? Once you have identified the problem, you can select the appropriate tool. Photoshop has several different tools for color correction, including Levels, Curves, and Hue/Saturation. Lightroom also has a number of different options for color correction.

There are many ways to do color correction, but three common methods are white balancing, color grading, and color timing.

White balancing is the process of removing unwanted colors from an image. This is usually done by adjusting the white balance setting on a camera or editing software.

Color grading is the process of correcting and enhancing the colors in an image. This can be done by adjusting the hue, saturation, and lightness of each color separately.

Color timing is the process of adjusting the overall color of an image. This can be done by changing the color temperature or tint.

Color correction is the process of adjusting the color balance of an image. The three primary colors are red, green, and blue. Each of these colors has a different tone or shade. For example, red can be warm or cool, while green can be yellowish or bluish. By adjusting the amount of each color in an image, you can change the overall tone of the image.

There are several common color correction tools that are used to adjust the color balance of an image. These tools include white balance, levels, curves, and hue/saturation.

White balance is used to correct the overall color cast of an image. This is usually done by setting the white balance to a neutral value such as middle grey.

Levels is used to adjust the brightness and contrast of an image.

Color correction is the process of making sure colors in an image are accurate. This can be done through a number of different techniques, including:

-Adjusting the white balance: This is usually the first step in color correction, and involves setting the correct temperature and tint values for an image. This can be done automatically or manually.

-Changing the levels: This adjusts the brightness and contrast of an image. It can be helpful to make an image appear more vibrant or to fix any exposure issues.

-Masked adjustments: Masked adjustments allow you to target specific areas of an image for color correction. This can be useful if there is only one area that needs to be fixed, such as a background that is too dark or light.

Color correction is the process of adjusting the color of an image so that it more accurately represents its true color. There are many benefits to using color correction techniques, including improved image quality, accurate color representation, and reduced eye strain.

Color correction can be used to improve the overall quality of an image. By correcting the colors in an image, you can make it look sharper and more vibrant. This is especially helpful if you are planning to print the image or view it on a large screen.

Accurate color representation is another benefit of using color correction techniques. If you are working with images for professional purposes, it is important that the colors are represented accurately. Otherwise, you may end up with a final product that does not match your expectations.

Finally, using color correction techniques can help reduce eye strain.

Yes. We do give all new potential customers a free trial task before doing business with us. Follow the link on our request free trial page and be tested out.

We are working with many methods to send and receive images.


You can use whichever one you prefer. FTP  If you’re familiar with FTP, you can get an FTP account within 5 minutes. You may also use your own FTP server.

Dropbox or Wetransfer

Dropbox and Wetransfer are very simple methods and quite popular. You may try any of these.


The email option is more suitable for images you’re only including those to an email message that does not exceed your mailbox’s size limit (usually 20 megabytes).

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