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The neck joint services on images are mainly done for the garments items. Even though the work itself may seem simple, Stencil Bangladesh Limited has created a separate department comprising of highly skilled neck joint specialist who edits the images with top quality. Stencil Bangladesh Limited has a business reputation of being one of the best graphics firm for the images that require neck joining at the cheapest rate as Bangladesh is known for its huge garments sector and many of our clients prefer us for their services.


Neck joint is required for example in a picture of a shirt, taken from the front while its hanging and then again when its inside out. The two pictures separately dont show the full image of the shirt. Neck joint is done to get a more accurate view of the shirt as a whole. In the world of image editing, neck joints have become a very common job. Basically a neck joint includes works of path, selection and then its all a matter of the final perfecting touches. A path of the front view of the clothing is first made with the pen tool. Then the neck portion of the turned out part of the clothing is taken out by path and selection. It is placed in the part of the clothing where it should be. The cut out piece is then warped and transformed to the right size to give the look of the whole thing being a perfect whole. The final touches are made to give the whole image a more realistic look. This includes applying required shadows. After this, a final path is made of the whole thing is put together and we get a picture of the clothing as one would see in real life as if they have it in their hands.

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If you need a price quote of Neck Joint service from Stencil Bangladesh Limited, justĀ click hereĀ and submit your inquiry to us with your requirements. We will get back to you within 2-4 hours with the competitive price quotation. Please note that Neck Joint services prices are calculated keeping in mind, the quantity of the pictures, the required turnaround time as well as the level of complexity. The price quotes are also not static, meaning the more you order the lesser the price for each product becomes.

Discretion: Stencil Bangladesh Limited is known to our clientele specially for the amount of confidentiality it serves. The images provided are 100% secure with us in our servers which we return after completion. We have also been known in the industry to complete the tasks not involving any third parties so the work remains completely safe from inception to conclusion.

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